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Good Dinosaur Finger Family

Welcome to Good Dinosaur Finger Family Kids Song! You have chance to watch the best Nursery Rhymes, Enjoy! Luckily for young Arlo, his parents and his two siblings, the mighty dinosaurs were not wiped out 65 million years ago.When a rainstorm washes poor Arlo downriver, he ends up bruised, battered and miles away from home. Good fortune shines on the frightened dino when he meets Spot, a Neanderthal boy who offers his help and friendship.Together, the unlikely duo embark on an epic adventure to reunite Arlo with his beloved family.We have the great collection of popular rhymes with foot tapping music and colorful visuals. The composition of these rhymes has been made to give freshness to the good old rhymes along with cute and famous characters. Hope you enjoy our fun videos.

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